About Us

I've struggled with acne for a long time. It started when I hit puberty and got worse due to hormonal changes from bodybuilding. I also had trouble finding a good soap. I tried expensive and risky treatments like high doses of vitamin A and accutane. Accutane gave me constant nosebleeds and landed me in the hospital in less than a month. I knew I needed a safer and better approach for my problematic skin.

After lots of research and testing, I believe I've created the perfect solution for acne-prone and sensitive skin. I also found the right skincare routine. By taking high doses of vitamin B5, adjusting my diet, and designing a natural soap without exfoliants, I've created a unique black charcoal soap. This soap can prevent future breakouts, help with current ones, reduce redness, and even improve the look of old acne scars.

Your skin is incredibly important, being the largest organ of your body. I'm grateful that you trust Acne Attack Skincare to make a positive change in your life.